7 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Replace Gold


The Internet has changed the world. He led mankind to the next level of knowledge and helped to return power to the individual. Decentralization with the help of blocking technology is the last iteration of the real potential of the Internet. That's why bitcoin will surpass gold in the coming years.

1. The overwhelming tendency from physical to digital solutions and processes is a philosophical justification that supports the growth of the crypto currency. Operations with data today are carried out all - from financial markets to agricultural facilities. The point is that currencies based on data are a logical step from gold to digital investments.

2. In developed countries, most people have smartphones. You can not store gold on your smartphone, but it is ideal for managing and storing bitcoins and other crypto assets with a digital wallet.

3. The transition to digital currencies is one of the last steps in the evolution of the economy. As everyone knows, initially trade began with the exchange of goods. Then gold and silver went into action. Paper money and coins, supported by gold, made it possible to accelerate the global business and made trade much more accessible to all layers of the economic system. In the last century, the gold standard was completely discarded. The growth of the Internet has allowed almost instantaneous transfer of money from person to person and institutions around the world. Most likely, soon experts will be forced to admit that the blockade provides the security and support needed for currencies.

4. Our interaction has changed forever thanks to the Internet. A classic example is Uber. The change in perception of the so-called "exchange economy" is what drives the digital assets.

5. The economy of separation must be built not only on trust. Operations with digital currencies are controlled by the almost unchanged logic of the block chain.

6. The technology of blocking will become universal. Gold and other physical goods can be used only for certain purposes, for example, in industry and for making jewelry. However, bitcoin and other currencies based on blockbin are part of a much more significant change in technology. Some experts already predict that this technology will forever change treaty law, governments and the world order.

7. JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon and other financial leaders opposed bitcoin. Although the public can perceive this as a signal, professional investors understand that in the long run bitcoin is very optimistic. It is possible that behind harsh public statements lies a simple fear. Large banks fear that there may be a massive recognition of the Crypto-currency, and this will cause irreparable damage to their profits.

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