Further development prospects of AI

The possibility of programming algorithms allows you to maximize profits or replace human labor. This increases the economic value of artificial intelligence technology. AI is fast, accurate, works around the clock, does not complain and can be used to solve many problems with high efficiency.

According to estimates of PwC, one of the largest consulting companies in the world, by 2030 this technology will form a market in the amount of $ 16 trillion. AI can replace not only administrative, but also technical personnel, workers.

Although there is a threat that the algorithms will reach a superhuman level and potentially begin to threaten our existence, but this is still very far away. To form such an “absolute AI”, it will have to have a lot of possibilities:

  1. reasoning;
  2. conceptual learning;
  3. common sense;
  4. planning;
  5. abstract thinking;
  6. creation;
  7. self-awareness and emotions that remain beyond our understanding.

However, up to this level will require dozens of major scientific breakthroughs. Over the past 60 years, only one has been committed, so you can not worry about this problem.

However, even an autonomous AI will lead to a new industrial revolution and other global changes. Therefore, we need to understand its enormous impact, long-term benefits and existing problems.

Virtual reality technology will start to play in the future, which will significantly change many professions and workplaces.

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