Why Is The Truth So Hard To Accept ?

She never said those things to my face, but I knew she was telling her whole family. I lost my trust and trust in her because she was a way for her family and she was the person who did what I did when things were good. I could never understand how she could wake up one day and I would be her enemy, but it was a reality and I accepted it for months. 

I will not continue with this story, but it will help you understand that we can't explain why people act the way they do or do what they do unless they are willing to sit down and communicate with you about their feelings and be honest. 

Reality denial is not attributed to what we know to be true, but is part of our brain and a way of protecting ourselves from pain. The funny thing is that even when we know what is true, we try to trick our non-acceptance. We are the first victims of our lies because we believe them so much that we convince others. 

It is common to hear stories of mothers accepting lies told by friends, husbands, and siblings when children are told the truth. In other cases, children are sexually abused by adults who do not believe other adults. 

Telling the truth doesn't end a relationship, it's the lies and secrets that make a relationship unbearable and betray a partner. In business, it can be difficult to accept that a trustworthy colleague has done something sneaky, but if we accept that he has lied, the damage done is undeniable. 

Your right as a deceived partner to know the full truth about what is happening in your relationship and your emotional and psychological need to get a complete disclosure of the betrayal and the reality that honesty and truthfulness restore integrity, is the only way to get out of a relationship, but you cannot convince your significant fellow human beings to tell the truth if they are not willing to do so. If cheating partners do not find safe and emotional ground in the relationship, they will lie until they give up and end the relationship. Relationships on my watch were not terminated or terminated because of sexual behavior, but because of continued covert manipulation and deception. 

As soon as you tell yourself the truth, you are ready to make progress in your life. The first short emotional reaction is that a new door has been opened and you can move forward. 

Accepting your reality in this sense does not mean that you cannot change it. On the contrary, I would say that if you accept your situation, you can go further. New paths, new resources and new opportunities will open up if we want to create a different reality. 

The primary element of acceptance is to be open to reality as it is, not how we perceive it or why it is the way it is. It is important to accept that the situation is not about creating one's identity or self-image. It's about relaxing into a reality that doesn't have all the answers, even if it does have one. 

In this article we will try to find out why it is so difficult to find acceptance in our lives, whether for personal or social reasons. The whole reason why some of us cannot accept the reality of what is happening to others is because of our beliefs. This is especially true when we practice acceptance and let ourselves breathe. 

It occurs to me that this is a good time to practice acceptance of what we abhor about this particular reality. It is a good time to understand what it means when we say, "I accept it, not fight it," and what other expressions we have for this challenging and mysterious process. Acceptance means opening your eyes and seeing the world from a different perspective than today. 

It is hard to accept that others do not see us with the same urgency or care as we do. They may have their own priorities, which they must take into account in the negotiations. 

Understanding this can help you build a more meaningful connection with others, rather than trying to manipulate them. It is not fully true that one has to accept that there is a "right" way to do something in a given situation. 

When something happens in our lives, we do not accept that it happens because it is what we expect. We assume that everything will be different in every situation, and if it does not happen, we will not accept it. It is another thing to accept that some things can be changed and others cannot. 

Most people say that acceptance enables you to accept reality, whether it is in your favour or not. The first step to changing reality is to accept the brutal truth of life. Some people know that they are wrong, but their fear does not make them accept that the situation is foolish and that acceptance of reality will soon look like a fool. 

Negative thoughts arise in your mind when you feel anxious, anxious or irritated when someone does something or has a current situation. When you connect with a situation or person, these thoughts come from the subconscious. You are looking for negative emotions and messages from your non-physical ID card, which does not see the situation as you do. 

Negative emotions show up to let you know that you are a human being and come to experience emotions in life. When we are stung by life traumas, such as losing a job, a relationship, financial security or our health, we freeze like a tarantula. 

Honesty towards ourselves and others requires the ability to think and feel simultaneously to integrate difficult experiences and neutralize long-lasting negative energy. We give ourselves enough time to process hard lessons, truths and situations. We react to emotions and become irrational in such situations because we take refuge in our heads and cannot process the feelings.

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