10 Things You Need to Know Before Invest Bitcoin / Crypto

1. Start with a small amount.

We recommend that to avoid losses due to our ignorance in learning then better start with a deposit with a small amount. If you want to go big, make sure to buy with the amount you do not care when you lose the money.

2. The cost is huge!

One of the advantages of bitcoin is that no bank or financial institution controls the currency. But this does not mean that you do not have to pay a fee. When transferring from one wallet to another wallet, you will be charged a number of costs that are not small amount.

3. Transfer bitcoin from one wallet to another wallet takes a long time.

The greater the cost, the faster the transfer. If the cost is minimal, it will take a day or so to wait. 

4. Balance in the wallet

Wallets are where some balances reside like in the marketplace, stock exchanges, websites and so on, far away, they are located somewhere on the Internet. The balance is two, the fixed balance is the amount of money contained in the wallet and the balance is not fixed ie crypto currency whose value every second can change.

5. Risk

Crypto currency exchange can be dangerous. Because it can be hacked and stolen all the money, or can only be closed. There is no guarantee of investment security there.

6. Look at other currencies.

There are about 1000+ crypto currencies. Most of the currencies are not developed. But there are some worthy currencies, such as ether (Ethereum - the official name). Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), IOTA (MIOTA), ICON (ICX) and NEO (NEO).

7. To buy altcoin need bitcoin.

When transacting abroad instead of using rupiah currency. What we need to do first is to buy bitcoin, and then the desired currency.

8. The purchase of altcoin has a low cost.

When buying currency other than bitcoin, the cost is even smaller and there is (0.05%), and transfer between wallets for as long as it can within one minute.

9. Transactions are not debatable.

After you click the crypto currency transfer button, you can no longer cancel or dispute / question this transaction.

10. Altcoin is very expensive and also sharp depreciation.

Altcoin fluctuations are even greater than bitcoin. Can reach 300% per week. you can quickly lose everything or get rich quickly.

Crypto currency is highly dependent on the latest News.
For example, rumors about blocking bitcoin in a country or false investment in the name of this currency

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