Pros and Cons of Using a Car Sticker


Many car owners put stickers or wrapping on the body of the car. Of course for various reasons.

Just say so that the car stays smooth free of the beret, protects the original color of the car, or just wants to make the car look cooler.

Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using stickers on the car body? Here's the review, as reported by the official website of Hyundai Indonesia.

First, stickers that are fitted to the entire body of the car aka body wrapping can protect the original paint color. because, the body of the car exposed to UV light can directly make the color fade.

Second, stickers can prevent fungus from appearing. Many factors cause fungi to appear, such as splashing rainwater that is not immediately wiped or cleaned.

Third, stickers can protect the body from unwanted scratches. It is not impossible when traffic jams, the latest cars are 2-wheeled vehicles right? Especially if there are fun hands that deliberately scratch the body of the car.

Fourth, using stickers can also save time and costs for maintenance. No need to wax the body, because after being washed the car with a sticker is just enough to wipe it dry and clean.

Fifth, body wrapping can also maintain resale value, because the original paint and color are maintained and sleek as new cars come out of the dealer.

Of course the last, is the car looks more stylish, depending on the concept of the body sticker chosen.

But from the excess line of using stickers, you also need to consider several things that might be weaknesses. Such as extra costs to apply body stickers during installation.

If the sticker and the color of the body wrapping do not match the Vehicle Registration Number (STNK), the car might be ticketed. So it's a good idea to choose the right sticker to avoid this possibility.

When you want to take it off, this is a pretty troublesome thing. Especially if you have to suddenly sell the car quickly. Removing the sticker requires extra effort so as not to damage the body paint.

If it's hurried, it's not impossible that the original body of the car can be damaged. Usually cases like this often occur in cars that have been repainted.

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