Infographic: Taylor Swift - Anti Hero


Taylor Swift - Anti Hero Song facts:

1. Talks about herself

Swift described herself honestly as she was getting older but not getting wiser, about depression that kept her awake in the middle of the night, and also about her anxiety that led her to think that she was the problem.

2. One of Swift's favorite songs

Swift shared via Instagram that this song is her favorite song because she can dig about her discomfort and dislike but she has to come to terms with her situation.

3. Record

Anti-Hero song breaks Spotify Global record as the most played song on debut day

4. Music video reflects Her nightmare

At the beginning of the song Swift meets some ghosts in her room, then she becomes a giant and at the end of the song she dreams that her future daughter-in-law will kill her for money.

5. Controversy

In the initial video clip released before being edited, there is a scene where Swift weighs her body and the scales point to 'FAT'. The scene was deemed Fat-phobic so it was edited and the scene removed.

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