Google Fiber successfully tested 20Gbps internet speed, here are some facts


fiber optic illustration Google has successfully tested its fiber internet which provides download speeds of up to 20 Gbps in a home test in Kansas City.

"This month we're testing outside the lab and into people's homes, this is our first test," said Nick Saporito, Google Fiber's head of commercial strategy.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Google Fiber showed off the results of the Google fiber speed test which reached 20.2Gbps.

credit: google fiber

Here are some facts about Google fiber:

1. Target speeds up to 100Gbps

With the current achievements, Google believes they are getting closer to reaching 100Gbps in the near future.

2. Already selling 1Gbps and 2Gbps services

This time, Google has provided 2 services:

- 2 gig, 2Gbps download, 1Gbps upload for $100

- 1 gig, 1Gbps download, 1Gbps upload for $70

3. Had to stop in 2016

Google Fiber had time to stop the project because it underwent a restructuring so that it stopped its expansion plans.

Many people are disappointed that there is no cable Internet competition in the US because there is only one service provider and it is very expensive.

4. There are competitors who are already selling 25Gbps

There are competitors who have launched 25Gbps services at a price of $1,500/month for residential customers and $12,500/month for business customers.

If you look at the price, Google fiber is better.

5. Hoping to fix Internet problems in the US

With the competition in the cable Internet segment, it is hoped that customers will get better prices, value and product reliability, especially since the federal government is ready to help tens of billions of dollars in order to bring this service to underserved areas.

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