Wow, there is a Jet-engined School Bus!

Sedan-type cars, city cars, SUVs, and others may have often been the object of the exterior, interior, and engine modifications. Want to be different from crazy ideas, a man named Gerd Habermann and his team put a jet engine into a yellow school bus.

Take it easy this bus won't be used to take your children to school. Habermann's goal of using jet engines on school buses is solely for hobbies and drag racing needs.

School buses that use a complete jet turbine engine with afterburners are tested for speed on a straight track. Like an airplane, this bus makes a sound like an airplane that will take off. If you close your eyes, they might think that this bus is a plane that is ready to fly.

The more detailed jet engine used by this bus is the Westinghouse J-34 turbine from the late 40s or early 50s.

The fighter that once used this jet engine was a single jet carrier based on McDonnell F2H Banshee, the Skyknight F3D which was also used by the Navy, and Neptune's P-2 which had a propeller.

Jet cars in drag strips are always an interesting spectacle. This bus shows its ability at an event in Santa Pod Raceway, England.

This bus can travel a quarter of a mile in less than 10 seconds and is around 175 mph in maximum speed. But when this video is recorded it rains which reduce the maximum performance in practice.

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